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Acquiring New Clients is 5x More Expensive

Rewarding your patients with points is the best way to establish and maintain lasting, emotional relationships with every member of your community.

Patients become increasingly valuable as they shop and engage with your practice. As a result, loyalty status helps strengthen relationships with your most valuable patients.

Connect with your patients through promotions, exclusive offers, announcements, and practice events. All to show your appreciation for patient loyalty.

Motivate Practice Ambassadors To Take Action

Reward your patients with Points & Loyalty Status when they share your practice with like-minded individuals.

Lemod is intuitive and modern software that can be learned with little to no friction.

Data drives optimization. So, Lemod displays your data in a simple and beautiful way.

Security is a top priority and the privacy of your patients is paramount.

92% of clients trust recommendations from friends and family! Plus, clients are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend!

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